Who will carry the Queen's coffin?

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Photo credit: JACOB KING - Getty Images
Photo credit: JACOB KING - Getty Images

On September 8th 2022 it was announced that Britain's longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, had passed away at the age of 96. Since then, we've watched on as King Charles III ascended to the throne, members of the Royal Family adjusted to life with new titles and hundreds of thousands of mourners flocked to the Royal Residences to pay their respects to Her Majesty.

We've also seen Her Majesty's final journey from Balmoral Castle to Buckingham Palace, with Princess Anne by her side, and the lying-in-state procession. And you've been keeping up with all of these events following the Queen's death, then you may have wondered who the people are that have been carrying Her Majesty's coffin.

Ahead of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral today - Monday 19 September – which will no doubt see millions (if not billions) of people across the world tune in for Her Majesty's final farewell – we took a closer look at the honoured few that have been chosen to be the pallbearers for the monarch's coffin.

Who carries the Queen's coffin?

Typically, caskets require six people to carry them, however Her Majesty's coffin is different. The Queen's coffin (which was made thirty years ago) is thought to weigh anywhere between 250kg and 317kg, due to it being made from oak with brass fittings and lead lining – which is used to slow decomposition. This means an additional two pallbearers are needed to carry it.

As for who those pallbearers are, the group is made up of eight 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, some of whom were flown back from their placement in Iraq to carry out the duty. The Grenadier Guard – whose company commander was the Queen – is the most senior, regular Army regiment and dates back to 1656.

Photo credit: OLI SCARFF - Getty Images
Photo credit: OLI SCARFF - Getty Images

Although we haven't had an official introduction to those who are carrying Her Majesty's coffin, one young soldier from Fiji was specially selected as one of the pallbearers for the Edinburgh ceremony last week.

Ben Tubuna was seen helping carry the coffin outside the Palace of Holyroodhouse as it entered St Giles' Cathedral. Tubuna, who lives in Inverness and is part of the Royal Regiment in Edinburgh, acknowledged the privilege he had been given to be a part of the landmark occasion.

"I felt blessed that being a Fijian, I was given such an important task," he told the Fiji Times. "But I accepted it with humility because this is my job – it is a role I have to fulfil as a soldier."

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