Carrie-Anne Moss says becoming a mom helped her grow: 'I'm a completely different person'

Carrie-Anne Moss opened up about how motherhood has changed her.

During Red Table Talk's 100th episode, which celebrated the legacy of the The Matrix franchise, stars of the original movie Jada Pinkett Smith, Keanu Reeves and Moss sat down to discuss various topics. (Priyanka Chopra, who co-stars in The Matrix: Resurrection alongside Reeves and Moss also appears in the episode.) During a segment where fans submitted questions for the stars, one inquired about how motherhood changed Moss since she did not have kids when the 1999 blockbuster came out.

"I feel like being a mother has given me everything," Moss shared. "I love growing, and raising human beings is challenging. And I have loved mothering because I’ve chosen grow. I think about the places in myself that I think I would have just said, ‘That’s just how I am.’ That, my kids, because I love them so much, I’ve had to expand through that."

Moss added: "I think I’m a completely different person than I was before I had kids."

Pinkett Smith agreed, saying,"My kids have stretched me in ways that I never imagined."

The 54-year-old actress, who shares three kids with husband Steven Roy, later teared up when Pinkett Smith surprised her and Reeves with special guests Willow and Jaden Smith, who were on set during the making of the first installment of the franchise.

Moss told Pinkett Smith: “And I loved watching you with your children, because I have always had the dream of being a mother. In our business, you don't really see women doing it — like you don't get to see both. And the fact that you allowed me to see you do it just opened my mind that it was really possible to be so there for your children the way that you were, while you're training and you're nursing."

She continued: "And then when I became pregnant, you were so protective of me doing the press. And I really appreciated that, and have called you about parenting and mothering, and I really admire everything that you do.”

Pinkett Smith returned the compliment, telling Moss: "You're such a natural, though — just that maternal nature that you have.”

Moss was able to bring her children on set for the first time during the filming of The Matrix: Resurrection, which is set to be released in December. While Moss shared that her daughter has not seen her mom in the original movies, her sons have, noting that they "really respect me as a human being and they love me a lot. And I think they think it’s very cool."

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