Caroline Hirons' free skincare app is being called the 'Google of skincare'

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Photo credit: Skin Rocks
Photo credit: Skin Rocks

Caroline Hirons has launched a free app called Skin Rocks which aims to revolutionise your skincare routine forever.

The free app will help people make sense of their skincare, offering a guide on on how to use products, from the time of day to frequency, to get the best results for you.

Skin Rocks will identify the products you do need, and more importantly, the ones you don't, when and how to use them, all based on science and research.

It will also advise users on the best matches for theur skin from over 10,000 products, with more to be added, aiming to provide better skin for every age and skin tone.

Caroline said: "When I launched Skin Rocks, I knew I wanted it to always be led by science and with the customer’s needs front and centre.

"I thought about how many times people had said, 'I wish I could take you shopping with me', and realised that Skin Rocks needed to be a graduation of the blog [I run], and become an app."

To set up a profile and get started on the app, all users have to do is answer some simple questions about their skin.

Beauty fans trust Caroline - she's a trained aesthetician, brand consultant and skincare blogger with over 120m page views, 18.4m views on YouTube, 670k Instagram followers and her book, Skincare, is a bestseller.

When it comes to skincare for beginners, Caroline has previously told Red it's all about 'starting with the basics: cleanse and moisturise.'

She added, 'if you've noticed a difference in tone and elasticity and want to do something about it, try an acid toner or facial oil. Then always use an SPF.'

According to Caroline, the next step is to use actives and antioxidants. She said, 'use a good Vitamin C in the day and a vitamin A (retinoid) in the evening.'

Caroline has also shared her skincare secrets, simple plans for glowing skin, the products she would never buy and the essentials that are on repeat in her bathroom.

Skin Rocks is available now on both iOS and Android.

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