Carolina broadcaster delivers legendary Hurricanes recap despite loss

The Carolina Hurricanes may have lost on Tuesday night, but one local news anchor told the story of an epic victory. (Getty Images)

On Tuesday night, the Carolina Hurricanes battled the Boston Bruins in an attempt to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Hurricanes stormed out to a commanding 4-1 lead which was vanquished by five unanswered Bruins goals.

Instead of hearing how the game played out by me, watch Mark Armstrong of ABC11’s spirited-but-misguided account of what went down.

“Stampeding over the plains like Genghis Kahn through Eurasia,” is how Armstrong described Elias Lindholm’s blazing speed leading to the Canes’ fourth goal.

With all of the positivity and moxie Armstrong incorporated into his report, even those who had watched the game started to wonder “did the Hurricanes actually win this game?”

“Boston cried to the heavens in great fruitless anguish” was the response Armstrong gave to Carolina’s commanding 4-1 lead.

However, he followed that with an abrupt “the B’s scored five straight in the third to win six to four”.

With the Carolina Hurricanes now sitting seven points out of the playoffs, the team may want to consider receiving a pep-talk from Armstrong. If anyone believes they can mount this deficit, it is him.