Carol Vorderman says romances with her five 'special friends' came about 'naturally'

Speaking on This Morning with Holly and Phil, Carol Vorderman opened up about dating as a self-described independent woman and why she views her life in chapters.

Credit: 'This Morning' / ITV

Video transcript

CAROL VORDERMAN: It's about life is in chapters. When I was in my 20s, I wanted to find somebody, get married, and have children. That's kind of that chapter. From my 50s, my children were-- I mean, I live with my children now, they're grown-ups, but they're-- it's a busy house. I have a life, which is very full, and a very happy life.

MOLLIE KING: So can you just explain-- I mean, obviously, we don't like detail, details, but just how it works, what it sort of means to you this special friend?

CAROL VORDERMAN: It's come about sort of naturally. I don't want to settle with anybody, as I say, I have this-- if my life was a cake, it's got fantastic friends, it's got-- I love my job, I love the business of education. You know, I have people who love me. I have this busy home. And the sort of male, female relationships are the icing on the cake rather than the fundamental basis of it. So well.


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