Carol Vorderman responds to calls to replace Anne Robinson on Countdown

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Carol Vorderman has addressed the calls to replace Anne Robinson on Countdown.

The former Weakest Link host announced earlier this week that she was stepping down as the game show's host after a year, prompting many to speculate who her successor should be.

Carol, who co-presented the show for 26 years until 2008, quickly became a favourite, and she addressed the rumour that she's in the running for Anne's job on Wednesday.

"Thank you to all of you saying such lovely things about a possibility of me returning to Countdown. You're very kind & it would be an honour but I want to wish whoever is the lucky human to be the new host all the love and 9 letter words in the world," she wrote.

Richard Osman, who recently quit Pointless, is also tipped as a favourite, according to reports. However, he swiftly shut them down in a Twitter post, in which he joked about a feud with Countdown's long-running lexicographer Susie Dent.

"I keep reading I'm the favourite to be the new Countdown host. But there are 3 problems," he began. "1. I just gave up a show I love because I have no time. 2. @susiedent and I are mortal enemies. 3. They should give the job to (presenter) @ColinMurray."

Victoria Coren Mitchell, who presents game show Only Connect, also responded to suggestions that she's in the running.

She tweeted, "You know who they should offer the Countdown job to? (Comedian) GRAEME GARDEN. Or @CarolVorders would also be an excellent choice."

While Anne's replacement has yet to be announced, co-presenter Rachel Riley assured fans that the next chapter will be good.

"Drinking a toast to the next chapter in Countdown's history... I think you're going to like it!" she wrote on Instagram alongside a selfie of her with a glass of wine.

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