Carmaker Cupra Unveil Concept Sports Car Via The Metaverse

The DarkRebel is the first show car presented through Metahype, Cupra's space in the metaverse. The car features a sharp and radical front end, while the long bonnet has an arrow shape that provides the maximum feeling of speed. With progressive bucket seats and a gamified steering wheel and shifter, the Cupra DarkRebel is a driver-oriented car that connects human and machine to form one. To allow fans to adapt the vehicle, Cupra have created a virtual lab: the Hyper Configurator, where users can exercise their creativity without the limitations of physical feasibility. In the Hyper Configurator, users can interact in different virtual environments and experiment to create colours, materials, and finishes. Upon completing the configuration, budding designers can then share a video of their unique model. The firm then plan to unveil physical version of the Cupra DarkRebel Showcar - once all the user configurations have been gathered to influence the final design of the car.