Cardinal: will there be a season 5?

Cardinal is a BBC export from Canada which has proved to be a huge hit with viewers, with many claiming that the show, which airs on Wednesdays on BBC Two with all four seasons already available on iPlayer, has been an absolute must-watch during the last few months in lockdown. So will there be more seasons of the hit crime drama? Find out everything you need to know...

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While the first four seasons of the crime show, which is set in the fictional town of Algonquin Bay, was a critical success, its fourth season was sadly the last.


Have you been enjoying the crime show?

The show is based on the novel series by Giles Blunt, and since season four was based on the final book, Until the Night, it appears that the series has reached a natural conclusion, much to the disappointment of fans!

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Speaking about the series on Twitter, one person wrote: "When you find out one of your new favourite series isn’t making a new series," accompanied by a crying emoji, while another tweeted: "This has been one of the best crime dramas around and can give my beloved Nordic Noir dramas a run for their money. Having already watched the end I feel bereft. Superb acting all around."


Billy Campbell has suggested a spin-off series

However, it is not all bad news! The star of the show, Billy Campbell, has recently opened up about the future of the series and has hinted that while it might be over, there could be a spin-off in the works for his character John Cardinal's detective partner, Lise Delorme. He wrote: "Thanks so much, UK viewers of #CARDINAL, for your kind reviews. Sad to say it is actually over, though I do hear rumours of a Delorme spin-off… so we’ll see! :) Glad you all enjoyed it. We certainly had a ball making it, and I miss our gang mightily."