Cardi B's latest 'outfit' is actually just ~strategically placed~ stickers

Natasha Harding
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Cardi B's style has always been undeniably fearless, but her 2021 fashion game is on a whole other level. Over the last few weeks, Cardi has joined the likes of Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa in bringing back the noughties exposed thong trend, along with wearing a totally sheer (and hella trippy) dress just to pop to the shops. And her latest look it her boldest yet. Why? Because it's a very creative take on the idea of an 'outfit', with her ensemble made entirely of ~strategically placed~ stickers. Yah, no word of a lie. Don't believe us? Read on, folks.

Overnight, the singer took to Instagram to share some snaps promoting her new single 'UP' which is due to drop on Friday. First up was the single cover, showing Cardi getting all Wrecking Ball on a swing hovering above a pool. On first look, it appears as though she's wearing a sheer catsuit with hot pink embellishment and a pair of matching heels, right?

Buuuut it wasn't until Cardi went and shared a BTS clip of the 'fit that we got a better idea of what it was actually made of. Standing in front of a mirror, the rapper looks like she's boogying to Hips Don't Lie, twisting her bod to reveal multiple tassels attached directly to her as she spins around.

The post, captioned "This outfit was all sticker on.UP OUT FRIDAY !! You ready ?" confirms that, rather than being a sheer catsuit, this look is really just a load of stickers.

Pretty cool, huh?

On closer inspection, it looks like there might also be a dainty brief situation going on, with transparent straps across the hips (because, heaven forbid, this outfit wasn't at least partly practical).

Oh, and while you're here, Cardi also shared this fire snap wearing, what looks like a tassel belt and stick-on bra situation:

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here wearing a tracksuit for, what feels like, the millionth day in a row. How 'bout you?

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