Cardi B says there are three words she will never feature in her songs

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Cardi B is absolutely no stranger to explicit lyrics (Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion impressively say "p***y" 18 times in 'WAP'), but it looks like even Cardi has limits when it comes to certain words she won't use in her songs.

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie O radio show this week, the rapper revealed there are three words she really doesn't like. "I mean, ugh, 'discharge' is kind of gross," she told the hosts. "A cringy word to me is 'moist'. I just hate it.

"And I hate the word 'horchata'. It’s a Mexican drink. It’s really good, but I just hate that word."

However, fans have since pointed out she's actually already used one of the words in 'Please Me' with Bruno Mars. "Cardi B said in an interview that she hates the word horchata & would never use it in a song…isn’t it in that song with Bruno Mars?" one fan tweeted.

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Meanwhile, talking about the explicit version of 'WAP', host Kyle said he preferred it to the clean radio edit, which changes the lyrics from "wet ass p***sy” to "wet and gushy". Agreeing, Cardi replied, "I would have had to replace it with 'bounce that big old booty', because that’s the only thing that rhymed. It was really hard to clean this song up, because I hate the word gushy."

Cardi also defended the song against critics, adding: "The people that the song bothers are usually conservatives or really religious people, but my thing is I grew up listening to this type of music. Other people might think it’s strange and vulgar, but to me it’s almost like really normal, you know what I’m saying?"

Bottom line: don't listen to the critics.

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