Cardi B posted a video of her getting three new piercings

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We're starting to wonder if the 'B' in Cardi B stands for Best At Content, because the rapper has been serving up hilarious videos throughout the whole of lockdown – and we actually can't get enough. Whether she's sharing her bikini waxing session or swiftly putting body-shaming haters in their place, she does it with flare and a huge barrel of LOLs too.

The latest? Cardi (real name Belcalis Almánzar) had herself filmed whilst getting three new piercings done: two dermal ones going down her chest (where she already had one) and a labret piercing (a stud below her bottom lip). Just as a small heads up, there is a lot of screaming in the footage... which is fair enough really.

In the first of four uploads, which she captioned '1 Down', the Money hitmaker is seen holding her husband Offset's hand and rocking a new blue pixie cut as the professional piercer marks and pierces her chest. Naturally, Cardi has some trepidation about the pain and does a lot of screeching and "Wait, wait! Okay, go!".

If you're squeamish maybe swerve these ones, but if not – it's definitely worth a watch. Cardi also posted a similar video of the second chest piercing taking place, captioned (you've guessed it!) 'Round 2'.

Next up: it's time for the lip piercing to take place. This is definitely the clip in which poor Cardi wails the loudest, prompting fans to comment asking what she was like when giving birth to her daughter, Kulture ("I can only imagine how u was wit kulture😂 😩" wrote one, under the handle @IamNazair).

This time the caption referenced the pain, as Cardi titled the video, "This bitch hurt 😩 I forgot how it felt."

In her fourth and final video, Cardi followed up with a showcase of the results and it looks as though the pain paid off. Her new look is actually really cute and fun!

"And this is the final results... close up," says Cardi, before panning the camera down to her chest, revealing three silver gems, explaining that she'll be having the top one of three removed as it's "old". What are the odds that we'll be treated to a removal vid when that happens?

Loving your style, Cardi – both in terms of fashion and all-round iconic-ness. Is that a word? It is now.

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