Cardi B just got 2021's most popular hair colour

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Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Cardi B is always switching it up with her fashion choices – and she never misses.

But when it comes to her beauty looks, the rapper tends to stick to the same hair colour. Sure, she mixes it up with shades of flaming hot red and buttery blonde but for the most part, Cardi can be seen with her signature super dark, black hair. Well, until now.

Cardio, who just announced she’ll be hosting the American Music Awards (we can’t wait), shared some new pictures on Instagram with a whole new look. In the snaps, the rapper has rich, copper-hued hair.

Copper hair has proven itself as the most popular colour of 2021, blowing up on TikTok. Of course, Cardi’s new hair colour really suits her and while she’s wearing a long wig, we hope she’ll be rocking this flaming red shade more often.

Alongside a new look, Cardi also gave fans a look at her new home in New York, which she called “a dream”.

Alongside a picture of herself standing in an extravagant hallway, complete with not one, but two staircases, she shared a super sweet caption.

“These days I don’t just live one place, I’m everywhere due to my work. One thing for sure I needed a home in my home city of NY! I’m soo proud of myself. I work so hard for my children to be comfortable everywhere they are regardless of work. Me and my husband have always dreamed of having a crib in NY, and we have decided to add to our portfolio of homes, along with Atlanta and LA. Now having a home in NY, I can have get togethers with my family all the time!! I have accomplished so many things yet I still feel far from all the goals I want to accomplish. This is one dream I can cross off…..Let me know if ya’ll want a mini tour!”

Ummm, a huge YES to that mini tour, please, Cardi. Congrats!

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