Cardi B accuses Instagram account moderators of trying to 'gaslight' her

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Cardi B has accused moderators behind the Instagram account The Shade Room of attempting to "gaslight" her.

The I Like It rapper entered into a feud with the team behind the popular page, founded by Angelica Nwandu in 2014, over the weekend after they uploaded a post in honour of her four-year-old daughter Kulture's birthday.

Cardi asked for the post to be deleted, and following a back and forth, the 29-year-old shared a now-deleted video in which she claimed she was unfavourably treated compared to other big-name stars.

"So now you guys want to gaslight me," Cardi said. "And if you guys are not doing shady s**t on purpose, why mute me from commenting? And then, you guys post certain things - certain things - positive about me so y'all can continuously post negative things about me that you don't do to other artists."

Shortly after the clip went online, Cardi and Angelica agreed to a phone call and came to a resolution.

"To the roommates, our true supporters, we promise to never subject you to this kind of behavior again. We appreciate your constant support of our platform and we would be nothing without our 36 million roommates & counting. Onward and upward," a rep tweeted.