DIY Cardboard Creations That Your Child Will Love You For Making

Alison Coldridge
Editor Yahoo Style UK
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We all know how expensive childrens toys can be - and how quickly a child gets bored. So cut your costs and make your little one a whole range of fun play ideas with a cardboard box (or two). You can usually pick a couple up free from your local supermarket.

From giant mazes to Viking ships, these crafty ideas may test your art skills but your child probably won't notice how spot on your attempt is - he'll just be itching to play.

Cardboard Washing Machine
Simpler to make than it looks, this will be a great addition to your tot's playroom. Instructions via

Just make sure your child doesn't actually try to put a load on in this... [Pinterest via]

Cardboard Oven
If your tot loves to cook alongside you, save money on a play kitchen and make her this one at virtually no cost. Instructions via

Perfect for your cooking up dinner on al fresco [Pinterest via]

Cardboard Ice Cream Van
We admit this looks a little advanced for us cardboard creating novices but we just had to include it anyway as it's SO COOL. Instructions via

OK, so there are some other materials apart from cardboard used, but we couldn't miss this from our round-up [Pinterest via]

Cardboard Dollhouse
The best thing about this DIY dollhouse is that your child can put her decorating stamp on it once you've finished building it. She'll be kept busy for hours - leaving you to tackle the washing up. Instructions via

Save money on buying an expensive dollhouse with these DIY version [Pinterest via My Cakies]

Cardboard Ship
Perfect for setting sail in on rainy days, this Viking ship is a must-build for any child (or adult!) who craves a little adventure. Instructions via

Your tot will love playing Captain in this ship [Pinterest via]

Cardboard Postbox
If you aren't artistically inclined, you should give this postbox a whirl. It's as easy to make as it looks. Instructions via

Whoever said no one uses snail mail anymore? [Pinterest via]

Cardboard Lift
Anyone with a child will know how many hours could be wiled away inside this simple-yet-amazing cardboard lift. Instructions via

Hours of fun could be had in this awesome lift [Pinterest via]

Cardboard Rocket
Make this, and your child will be able to travel to the moon and back before teatime. Instructions via

Three, two, one, launch... [Pinterest via]

Cardboard Castle
Granted, you'll need more than just a cardboard box to make this creation (there appear to be some kitchen towel tubes and shoe boxes going on here, too) but imagine the excitement in your little one's eyes when you hand him this. Instructions via

This is SO MUCH BETTER than your average toy castle [Pinterest via]