Carbone Fine Foods Makes It Easier To Get Your Spicy Vodka Fix With Home Sauce Service

Carbone spicy vodka sauce jar
Carbone spicy vodka sauce jar - Carbone

If you're someone who occasionally needs great vodka sauce and pasta right now, Carbone understands you and has you covered with a new home delivery service. The upscale Italian restaurant from chef Mario Carbone has already made its popular pasta more available to the masses by expanding into the retail world with a line of jarred pasta sauces. Initially limited to basics like marinara and roasted garlic, the line was recently expanded with the addition of a more unique spicy vodka sauce, which is the basis for one of the restaurant's most popular dishes: spicy rigatoni. Now Carbone is making those sauces even easier to make in your own kitchen by partnering with online retailer Gopuff for a home delivery program designed to get sauce to your door in no time at all.

According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, Carbone's spicy vodka sauce comes from the world's "best-tasting tomatoes, coupled with the addition of Calabrian Chili, and slow-cooked onions." If that sounds good, you're in luck, because Carbone and Gopuff are giving out free boxes of the spicy vodka sauce as part of a promotion for its new delivery "Home Sauce Service." The free Carbone Fine Food box includes two jars of  spicy vodka sauce along with a personal note from chef Mario Carbone, and will appear in your cart when you add any other item from Carbone's spicy rigatoni kit on Gopuff. There's even an easy recipe for making the spicy rigatoni right on the page.

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This Service Delivers A Taste Of The Popular Italian Restaurant To Your Door

Carbone spicy rigatoni
Carbone spicy rigatoni - Carbone

Of course like anything free, the spicy vodka giveaway is only available as long as supplies last. It's a unique opportunity to get a full restaurant-quality meal delivered to your door in minutes. Gopuff states, "Since we store inventory in our local micro-fulfillment centers, Gopuff has the unique ability to provide customers with everything they need to prepare a Carbone-approved dinner in the comfort of their own home." Carbone Fine Food's products claim to use the same ingredients it does in its restaurants, including Italian tomatoes grown in volcanic soil, and chefs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi test hundreds of batches to ensure the jarred sauce is up to quality standards.

The original Carbone Italian restaurant opened up in Manhattan's West Village in 2013, looking to recreate Italian American classics like fra diavolo and veal Parmesan. It has been a hot spot since it opened, with a list of famous fans including Rihanna, the Kardashians, and Justin and Hailey Bieber. That success has pushed it to expand to a few more locations, including Miami, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong, but it has continued to be a tough place to get a table. With this new delivery service Carbone might finally be on the cusp of becoming truly accessible to the rest of the country, and people who aren't on the A-list will get a chance to taste what all the hype is about.

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