Cara Delevingne, Model Of The Moment, Has Trademarked Her Own Name!

Cara Delevingne at SISTER BY SIBLING

Cara Delevingne at SISTER BY SIBLING

She’s on every runway, magazine cover and gossip page going, and now Cara Delevingne has decided to make future business propositions even more lucrative – by trademarking her name against product ranges such as handbags, perfume, umbrellas and even emery boards, keyrings and walking sticks (!)

The Sunday Times reports that supermodel of the moment, Cara has set up a company with her property developer father, Charles Delevingne, who is listed as co-director. The company is called Cara & Co and she has registered her name with the Intellectual Property Office, giving her sole rights to use it as a marketing tool.

We’re assuming, that even if Cara doesn’t immediately set up a shop on Oxford Street selling umbrellas and nail files with her beetle-browed face on them, that it won’t now be possible for other companies to cash in on the model’s meteoric rise by selling products in her name or trading off her image.

Other celebrities to have trademarked their own names include Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham, as well as Beyonce, who is famous for attempting to trademark her daughter, Blue Ivy’s name although she was beaten to it originally, it has been recently reported that Beyonce and Jay Z are well on their way to securing Blue Ivy Carter as a trademark.

Considering that this time last year, Cara was barely heard of, other than as the cute little sister of Chanel ambassador, Poppy - and it wasn’t till the catwalk shows of September 2012 that Cara (Delevingne TM) really broke through into the public consciousness, the model is rapidly showing that she has as much business acumen to spare as she does star quality.

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