Cara Delevingne Looks Unrecognisable With Dark Brunette Neo-Noir Fantasy Hair

cara delivingne dark brunette hair
Cara's Unrecognisable With Dark Neo-Noir HairstyleArnold Jerocki - Getty Images

It's hard to keep up with Cara Delevingne's hair colour, to be honest: from pumpkin spice latte hair to crotch length blonde extensions, the model has done it all. But now, she's gone back to brunette for a special reason and we almost didn't recognise her.

In a new Instagram post, Cara has dark brunette tresses piled up up at the back of her head, criss-crossed with ethereal braids and a side fringe and bangs. Fans will be excited to know that the neo-noir style marks the upcoming return of Amazon Prime's show Carnival Row for a second and final season.

Cara stars opposite Orlando Bloom in the show, where mythical creatures live as oppressed refugees in a Victorian fantasy world. Cara's character Vignette is a 'fae' in the dark show and this hairstyle perfectly captures the characters blend of ethereal essence with rebellious strength. Basically, she's a badass fairy.

The last we saw of Cara she was sporting soft honey blonde and brown hues. As the season airs on February 17, it's safe to say filming wrapped a while back, meaning this deep brunette shade isn't actually the actor’s current hue.

I didn't catch the first season of the show when it aired way back in 2019, but this lewk might have just persuaded me to binge all eight episodes ahead of season two's release next month. What can I say, that's the power a great hairstyle has over me.

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