Cara Delevingne looks so different with XXL crotch length blonde extensions

cara delevigne copper dyed hair
Cara D transforms in XXL crotch-length extensionsAmy Sussman

Cara Delevingne maybe an iconic blonde, but she's no stranger to a hair transformation, having taken turns as both a red head and a brunette, as well as sporting every length and style from long bouncy blows to cropped and shaved styles. Looking gorgeous every which way, naturally.

But her latest post may show her hair the longest we've ever seen it. The model's blonde tresses reach past her hips to her crotch as extra-long extensions create an ethereal style, with a flattened crimp I want to call a micro-wave but sadly... that word's taken.

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Adding to the mesmerising otherworldly effect of this nymph-like hair, is what appears to be either a thick coating of glitter, embellishments and bedazzlements coming from the crown down through the fringe and bangs, OR a rather spectacular piece of hair jewellery.

Now why couldn't she have posted this pre-Christmas? This is 100% the hairstyle I would have rocked up to the office Christmas party sporting. No, better; when gracing my family with my presence at the Christmas dinner table.

The look heads up a photo dump carousel captioned 'last year' so could actually be from any point in 2022, or could be from days ago. From the high fashion nature of the hair and accompanying look, we're guessing it wasn't just something the actor wanted to try out, but a look for a shoot or show. Whatever the story is, we're loving the switch-up.

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