Captain Sir Tom Moore fears for elderly people if national lockdown returns

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Captain Sir Tom Moore has said he fears elderly people would struggle if another national lockdown is introduced.

The Second World War veteran, who in April captured hearts around the nation by walking 100 laps of his garden raising £33 million for the NHS, said the older generation will start to feel “lonely” should tougher coronavirus restrictions return across the country.

He told LBC another lockdown would be a “disaster”, as elderly people would be left without family members to meet up with.

Sir Tom said: “I am afraid it would be, let’s just say unpleasant, for older people.

“It will be very, very difficult because at the moment they are virtually imprisoned in their own premises.”

He added: “Whilst we continue with the lockdown, people are going to be more and more isolated, for longer and to me, this is going to be very, very bad for old people. ”

However, Sir Tom said it wouldn’t just be elderly people impacted by a second national lockdown, declaring it would be a “very serious situation for all of us”.

Royal visit to Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Sir Tom received a knighthood from the Queen (Chris Jackson/PA)

Asked for his message to those suffering, the 100-year-old said: “I think the thing is, you’ve got to look on the bright side, that things will get better.

“I mean I’m always, I’ve been very optimistic and I’m still optimistic, but I do worry for the old people.

“The old people have the right to say do look on the bright side because things will get better, and there is no doubt that we can get away from under this cloud that we’re in at the moment. ”

Sir Tom also urged younger people to help out their elderly relatives or neighbours, by communicating with them or by carrying out day-to-day tasks such as shopping.

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