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Saturday 17, August

The current lunar influence is perfect for communicating like a poet. However, with Mars moving into your house of higher consciousness and mentorship, you're truly tuning into what you want to learn next. Who is worthy of taking the coveted role as your teacher, Capricorn? Search for them over the next six weeks.

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Friday 16, August

The Moon is lighting up your communication zone, putting you in a rather poetic frame of mind, Capricorn. The only problem is that everyone else is going off the rails with oddball missives when you least expect them. Detach and listen before jumping the gun -- avoid the urge to respond in a reactive way.

Thursday 15, August

Money issues peak late tonight at the Full Moon, and then communication is your priority for the next few days. Get your correspondence game on and out while you have the motivation, try to bang out as many letters and calls as possible. Might as well take care of it while the stars support cleaning out your drafts file, and before your desire to procrastinate kicks in again.

Wednesday 14, August

Money continues to be the dominant focus for the next two days, Capricorn. The Full Moon is so close but you're already feeling an intense need to blow the bank and save your pennies at the same time. Yes, a contradiction in terms, but totally true to the way you are feeling.

Tuesday 13, August

Your money zone is lit for the next few days. In fact, the Full Moon is only two days away, and it puts a big emphasis on your relationship to your finances. Don't get caught without a backup plan, as some unexpected expenses could show up this week at inopportune moments.

Monday 12, August

Get ready for heavy energies, Capricorn. The Moon, Saturn and Pluto are all lining up in your stars today, creating serious pressure and power. The question is this: what do you do with this energy so that it doesn't crush you? Feel your way into the heaviness of it and use it creatively.

Sunday 11, August

The planet of luck moves forward in your dream zone today, as Mercury moves back into Leo, ending the shadow of last month's retrograde. All around, this is about progress and positive change. It might feel like a bit too much too soon, but just know that in the end - it's the direction you're meant to go in.

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