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Saturday 14, December

The Moon is in your opposite sign today, Capricorn, so take the weekend to heart. It's time to let go of any sadness and pain you've carried in recent days or weeks. This is a moment to name that heaviness and then let it go - something brand new is about to begin.

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Friday 13, December

With Venus and Pluto conjoining in your house of ego today, you may feel pushed to your ultimate limits. You need to be seen, Capricorn, and you will not stand for anything less than centre stage. You're not typically like this, but this time you really mean business.

Thursday 12, December

The Full Moon in Gemini lands early this morning and it's ready to rock your work world in the best possible way, Capricorn. You have to be prepared to let go of something that hasn't been working during the last six months, so that you can embrace what IS working. Know the difference and avoid being overly controlling at the office.

Wednesday 11, December

The planet of love and the planet of rules are close as can be at the moment, Capricorn, and this is happening in your very own sign. This can make you feel at once empowered and a bit dour, but nobody can handle this as well as you can, darling. Just push through and let it make you even stronger.

Tuesday 10, December

Lunar energy moves into your house of work today, helping you to nail down exactly what you want to accomplish by the light of Thursday morning's intense Full Moon. If you were worried about getting it all done before the end of the holiday season, this is the moment to brainstorm, organize, and establish workable deadlines for the next few weeks.

Monday 09, December

With Mercury slipping into Sagittarius today, your dream zone will be all charged up for the next few weeks. This coincides with the end of the retrograde shadow from last month, so your psyche is extra clear and you can channel important messages from deep in your unconscious mind. Listen to your soul, Capricorn.

Sunday 08, December

The stars are all about your love life today, Capricorn. You've got super sweet support from the planets under the current cosmic configuration. The Moon and Jupiter are working in your favour to bring you all of the romance and pleasure you could possibly want, need or desire.

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