Caprice still wants wedding party

Caprice still wants a wedding party credit:Bang Showbiz
Caprice still wants a wedding party credit:Bang Showbiz

Caprice still needs to plan a “major rager” to celebrate her wedding.

The 51-year-old model married Ty Comfort – the father of her nine-year-old sons Jax and Jett – in a low-key registry office ceremony in December 2019 but the COVID-19 pandemic then hit their plans for a big celebration later.

And despite the delay, the couple are still keen to have a party to mark their marriage.

She said: “We wanted a big blow-out then Covid hit. But we’ll definitely do a major rager at some point.”

Caprice and Ty first met via a mutual friend 11 years ago and just two months later, the millionaire businessman asked the blonde beauty to move in with him, and she knew straight away it was the “right” thing to do.

She said: “It instinctively felt right. I’d waited and waited to meet the right man and would never compromise when it came to having lifelong partnership and having kids – but I got it right with him.

“Ty is easy to fall in love with, but this time my head was aligned with my heart.

“Back in the day, I used to be in love with the idea of being in love and discovered that once the honeymoon stage ends, you need the real deal. I found that in Ty.”

The ‘Oh Yeah’ hitmaker credits “the universe” for bringing Ty into her life.

She explained in a recent interview: “I listed 87 qualities about my perfect man.

“Then I put it under my bed and meditated over it for a year.

“Suddenly, boof! I met Ty and he matched 85 of those qualities, so the universe definitely delivered.”