We Can't Stop Laughing At These Messages Parents Received From Their Kid's Nursery

Kids say and do the funniest things.
Kids say and do the funniest things.

Kids say and do the funniest things.

There’s absolutely no denying it: children are hilarious.

Parents have been sharing the funniest messages they received from their child’s nursery – and we’ve been cackling hard.

From the tiny tot who suggested her dad put a baby in the nursery worker’s belly (awks) to the one who proudly told nursery staff their Christmas gift was one that mummy didn’t want, here are some stories that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

The one where a child said her daddy put a baby in the nursery worker’s tummy

My daughter was at nursery in Tunbridge Wells. We always say when she asks how she came about that ‘daddy put the seeds into the mix and she grew in mummy’s tummy’.

There was a pregnant worker at her nursery and one of the kids asked how the baby got in her tummy and my daughter said ‘my daddy put it in there’ to everyone’s dismay and hilarity. So that was rather an embarrassing piece of feedback.

Laura Gibson

The one where a child orchestrated a full-on prison nursery break

A few years ago my son’s nursery phoned to say that George was scaling the fence and then instructing the other kids how to do it too, with the right techniques to use.

Liam Charlton-Killen

The one where a little boy screamed a rousing rendition of Baby Shark at nap-time

One of the most hilarious updates I ever got from my child’s nursery was when they informed me that my child had been heard screaming “Baby Shark” during nap time.

Jeff Hunt

The one where a child revealed the origins of her Christmas present to nursery staff

I sent my little one in with a present for Christmas, and she apparently told them that it was something I had been given and didn’t want, so she could take it to school and give it to the nursery staff. They took it in good spirit!


The one where a child scuppered his dad’s work trip

Son was in nursery and husband was going away for work. My son was really upset saying: ‘Daddy don’t go on the plane.’ Dad kissed him goodbye and said: ‘I’ll see you in five days!’

My husband never got on the plane because his wallet and passport were missing. Call from school: ‘I just wanted to let you know Brayden brought your husband’s passport and wallet to school and, when I asked him why, he said because he won’t be able to go on his flight.’

Anonymous (via the Peanut app)

The one where a child wouldn’t stop stealing kids’ shoes

My sister got a message on the daycare app that my niece was convincing other kids to take off their shoes and give them to her. She would then hide them in the playhouse and sit on there like a dragon [with] his gold.

She apparently did this all day and wouldn’t give any kids their shoes back. She became known as the shoe thief from then on out. She’s also the tiniest kid in her class so it was funny to see her con big kids out of their shoes.

Taylor (via the Peanut app)