We Can't Get Over Anne Hathaway's Pixie Cut Hair Transformation

anne hathaway pixie cut hair
Anne Hathaway Looks So Different With A Pixie CutJames Devaney - Getty Images

While for some (read: all) of us the thought of being back in bed sounds like a luxury this morning, we have the perfect little pick-me-up that'll see you through the day. And that is Anne Hathaway's newly debuted bouffant pixie cut. .

Over the weekend, Anne took to Instagram to announce her new role in the American coming-of-age drama, Armageddon Time, starring the actor herself, alongside Anthony Hopkins and Jeremy Strong.

In the film, Anne plays Esther Graff, a young woman in the 1980s. And as you can see from the below clips, her hairstyle and cut certainly fit in with the nostalgic era.

In the lengthy caption of her Instagram post, Anne thanks the film director James Gray, writing: '[...] Thank you so much James for inviting me to be part of the Graff family and this dream cast, for your searing and vulnerable work on this film, and for making me a better actor in the process.'

Is anyone else booking cinema tickets as we speak or is that just us?

As ever, seeing as this hairstyle comes to us in light of a movie role, we can only assume that Anne is wearing a wig. After all, she was recently spotted rocking her long locks and Armageddon Time is expected to have been filmed quite some time ago.

Nevertheless, that doesn't take away from the major transformation. She does look completely unrecognisable, after all. Wouldn't you agree?

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