You Can't Hate Yourself and Thrive! This Therapist Says to "Treat Yourself Like a Plant"

·1-min read

Here's a quick and helpful message about supporting your mental health from @my_destanation. "You cannot hate yourself into happiness. You cannot belittle yourself into confidence." She added that you can't criticize yourself into growth because real change requires self-love and self-compassion.

For a visual, she said to think of yourself like a plant. In order to thrive, you need to treat yourself with the care and attention you deserve. If you deprive plants of sun or water, damage their leaves, or knock over their pot, how can they grow? So she said, "why do we expect humans to thrive in terrible conditions like belittling, criticizing, and hating?" They can't! So treat yourself like a delicate plant, and nurture your soul with self-love.

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