I Can't Even Count How Many Compliments I Get on This Red Shacket From Old Navy

I'm a tell it to you straight kind of girl, so when I tell you this Long Bouclé Utility Shacket for Women ($71, originally $75) from Old Navy is one of the best items I own, I mean it. I've worn it for a few weeks now, and the amount of compliments I've wracked up makes me believe I should be on the cover of an Old Navy ad. (Hit me up, Old Navy, if you agree). It's labeled as a "shacket" but trust me, this coat is heavy enough to wear as a jacket as well. The four-button jacket is made of a warm wool blend and can be worn with or without a sweater underneath. I've worn it on multiple forty-degree days here in New England and it has kept me at the perfect temperature. Not to mention, its cozy fleece pockets are a dream for your hands if you don't own gloves (or always forget them, like me).

I personally ordered a medium tall, because I'm 5'8", and it fits me perfectly. While at the moment it's only available in a size large (other sizes may come back in stock soon!), there are tons of similar coats on Old Navy's website that have the same look, feel, and incredible price point. Based on the quality alone I'd believe this shacket to cost $100 or more. Pick up this coat (or one similar) to cure your winter blues, if its coziness doesn't do it alone its style surely will.

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