Pay Just £30 For Tower's Best-Selling Air Fryer Thanks To Argos' Black Friday Sales

best tower air fryer black friday deals
Best Tower Air Fryer Black Friday Deals for 2022Tower

Air fryers. Those small countertop kitchen gadgets that give you crispy, fried flavours, but without loads of oil being used. They work by blasting hot air around the inside of the basket to cook the food, much similar to a fan oven. And they're hailed for being the healthier alternative to deep frying. So, no wonder more and more of us are after one (er, hello cost-of-living crisis)!

With that, there's one air fryer that continues to impress year-on-year – not just for its air fryer capabilities, but for its affordability: the Tower Air Fryer. As soon as a sale hits, it's common knowledge to expect at least some kind of deal to land you a Tower air fryer for a reduced price. And this year, that's exactly what's happened.

Yep! Most notably, Argos is selling Tower's 3L Air Fryer for just £30...

Best Tower air fryer Black Friday deals for 2022

Best air fryer Black Friday deals for 2022

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Why should I buy a Tower air fryer?

Using innovative vortex technology, this air fryer allows you to fry without the excess fat associated with traditional frying (cya later, oil). It comes complete with an adjustable dial to control the temperature when cooking, and gives you the chance fry, roast, grill and even bake.

In short, a Tower air fryer is a no-frills, easy-to-use kitchen device that will not only save you time, but more importantly, money.

What actually is Black Friday?

Black Friday originates from America, and it marks the start of the post-Thanksgiving sales. Amazon brought the concept over to the UK in 2010 and it has since developed into the biggest shopping event of the year. Most retailers offer discounts of at least 20% over the majority of the weekend.

When is Black Friday and when is Cyber Monday?

This year Black Friday lands on Friday 25 November.

Cyber Monday comes just three days later, on Monday 28 November this year.

What should I expect this year, and where can I find the best deals?

We're expecting to see price-cuts across most retailers when it comes to Tower air fryers. Keep your eyes peeled for deals via Amazon and Argos, as well as a number of supermarket retailers.

Best Tower air fryer Black Friday deals from 2021

Last year the Tower T17061 4L Air Fryer was reduced to £29.99 (originally £54.99, saving £25) from Argos.