We cannot stop staring at Vanessa Hudgens’ lips and here’s why

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Vanessa Hudgens has been ab-so-lute-ly killin' the presenting game as of late. A few weeks ago we saw her co-host the 2022 Met Gala livestream alongside Hamish Bowles, then just last week she presented the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards, and most recently (a few hours ago to be precise), she took to the 75th annual Tony Awards stage to present the award for best original score. OK, gurrrrl 👏.

Of course, with these highly anticipated red carpet events, we see a variety of celebrity beauty looks and Vanessa alone, always slays. I mean, she did debut seven different hair lewks exclusively on one night. However this time, it's not her hair that we're gushing over but instead her pout.

In her recent Instagram post, the actor shared five pictures of her Tony Awards glam, including one close-up shot. Scroll to the second slide below to see said pic.

As much as we love the brown smokey eye and sleek fishtail plait, the one aspect of the look that we cannot stop staring at is her lips. Celebrity makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, has given 'Nessa a wider pout by extending the corners of her lip to be more upturned.

To achieve this, just like you would to overline your lips across the cupid's bow, Hung would have taken the lip liner further out at the corners ever so slightly. In fact, this is a hack that went viral on TikTok not so long ago:

To emphasise an upturned lip, users were taking their brow pencils or shadow with a fine lip brush on the outer corners of their mouths. It's so easy to do and gives such a great result.

Who knew qualified MUAs were secretly lurking beneath the depths of BeautyTok? Or perhaps it is us TikTok users who have been lurking on the professionals' IG feeds to repost these hacks... most likely the latter.

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