Canned Frosting Is The Coffee Sweetener We Were Absolutely Sleeping On

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Despite what coffee purists have to say about the matter, a sweetener can liven up a cup of joe and offer a nice boost of energy alongside the caffeine. While sugar is pretty standard when it comes to enhancing the taste of coffee, don't lock yourself into a flavor box. You might have a sugar alternative sitting in your pantry right now that will blow your mind (and allow you to create a dessert in a cup at home).

According to Daily Meal's list of clever uses for store-bought icing, frosting makes the perfect coffee sweetener. While it may seem unlikely, a review of the ingredients found in most canned frosting shows just how suitable this sweet product is for the task. For instance, the first ingredient in Betty Crocker's vanilla frosting is sugar, the preferred sweetener for most coffee drinkers. Along with making for a more dynamic cup of coffee, using icing as a sweetener also helps you use up the container, thereby decreasing food waste.

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Does The Type Of Frosting Matter When Sweetening Coffee?

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Keep in mind that there's a range of frosting types out there, and different types of frosting will have different textures and consistencies. Just consider the subtle yet distinct differences between buttercream and regular frosting. As the name implies, buttercream typically has a fattier texture thanks to the inclusion of butter in the recipe. That could make it an ideal option for flavoring coffee, as the butter in the recipe can create a velvety smooth texture in your brew.

Whipped cream frosting is another good selection for coffee, as it strikes the perfect balance when it comes to flavor and texture. This version of frosting tends to be milder in flavor, which is good if you'd like to let the natural coffee flavor shine through. And because whipped cream frosting has a soft consistency, it should break down nicely in the coffee. Conversely, something like Italian meringue might not be the best choice due to its stiffness.

Best Frosting For Flavoring Coffee (And Flavors To Avoid)

canned frosting on store shelf
canned frosting on store shelf - Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock

With so many distinct flavors of store-bought frosting out there, coffee lovers have a pretty big selection to choose from. If you're looking for something sweet and simple, vanilla frosting is probably the way to go (and in case you'd like a little inspiration, here's a ranking of six brands of vanilla frosting). Keep in mind that flavoring coffee with vanilla extract is definitely a thing, and using frosting in the place of extract also adds a nice, sugary element to your brew. If you're seeking a rich mocha experience, chocolate frosting is also a good selection.

Of course, there are some frosting flavors that not even the most adventurous person would take a chance on. It's hard to imagine that lemon-flavored frosting would be a tasty addition to the rich, pleasingly bitter flavor of coffee. Other fruit flavors, such as strawberry, also seem like too much of a clash. Similarly, watch out for cream cheese frosting and its noticeable tanginess. While frosting-flavored coffee may not be an everyday occurrence, it's the perfect way to treat yourself when enjoying a hot cup of coffee at home.

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