This £15 candle is my go-to gift for friends - and they're always surprised it's not £65

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candle gift
You can find this great gift on Amazon. (La Jolíe Muse)

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Finding a gift that you can then dish out to all your friends on various life occasions is the life hack that no one told me about.

But it is one that I discovered for myself when I stumbled upon the La Jolíe Muse Moroccan Amber Scented Candle on Amazon a few months ago.

At the time I was on the hunt for a birthday gift for a friend and with the party the next day, I was under pressure to make use of my Amazon Prime membership and shop the site as quickly as possible.

I was first drawn to the candle because of it's mega on-trend design, the fact that it looked like something from a high-end interiors boutique and the sound of the scent - the fact it was created from natural wax was just a plus.

chic affordable candle
The chic candle looks a lot more expensive than its £15 price tag.(La Jolíe Muse)

£15.29 at Amazon

But when my friend unwrapped it the following day it received a better response than I could have imagined.

"You shouldn't have," my grateful friend squealed. "So naughty that you spent this much."

Not wanting to brag directly to her about my gift-giving skills, I asked another of our friends at the dinner how much she thought the candle cost.

"£65," was her answer.

£65! A whole £50 more than I had actually paid.

That evening I went back onto Amazon and ordered six more - saving myself gift-hunting time in the future, money and angst.

candle gift
The candle comes in four different colours, so there's something to suit everyones taste. (La Jolíe Muse)

I'm now on my second batch - having given the first lot to friends, family members and our new next door neighbour who was touched by our "generosity."

Plus, though I don't actually own one myself, I've been assured by several sources that it smells delicious.

Initially I felt a bit guilty that I was pulling the present-giving wool over my friends eyes, but then I thought: they're happy, I'm happy and their bookshelves, mantlepieces and bedside tables look - and smell - all the better for it.

Now I buy this gorgeous little candle with pride - safe in the knowledge that everyone is a winner here.

Buy it: La Jolíe Muse Moroccan Amber Scented Candle | £15.29 from Amazon

£15.29 at Amazon

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