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Friday 17, January

Your creativity is off the charts, darling. Trust your most eccentric instincts because sometimes doing something completely out of the norm produces genius. It's the perfect day to try something radically different and break routine. You'll be happily surprised with the breakthroughs you'll have by just shaking up the status quo.

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Thursday 16, January

There's a big shift as the planet of communication moves into your house of the occult, secrets, psychology and research for the next few weeks. This is your best phase of the year to delve into studying yourself and any secrets of the universe you wish to uncover. You're ready to go deep!

Wednesday 15, January

After a few days of nonstop chatting, thinking and writing projects, you're so ready to just chill out at home, Cancer. Luckily, the Moon is leaving your communication zone tonight and will settle into your home zone for the next few days. Enjoy time doing what you love best, nesting like a pro.

Tuesday 14, January

The Moon moves into the practical terrain of Virgo today, Cancer. You're all about getting to the baseline of problem-solving without wasting time worrying or imagining worst-case scenarios. It's just not worth your energy, darling. Use this force to focus on details and finesse projects that require more attention.

Monday 13, January

You're still feeling the post-eclipse reverb but luckily you're starting to feel the ground again. Today's lunar energy is supporting you to focus on all the things that keep you feeling secure and confident. Don't let stress interfere with your strength. You have the right to say no to sources of anxiety.

Sunday 12, January

The choices you make about relationships today will resonate through the year, as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is exact in your partnership zone this Sunday. Mercury is close to both planets, helping you think through your most overwhelming emotions and helping you express them with clarity.

Saturday 11, January

Relax, Cancer luv - the worst is over for now. Yesterday's eclipse in your sign my have done quite a number on you, but the energy is fading now. With the Moon in fiery Leo, your financial zone is lit up, so you might be in the mood to do a bit of celebratory shopping to cure any lingering blues.

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