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Tuesday 14, July

The Moon lights up your house of friendships and groups today. Use this to slow down and get grounded about your long-term goals and the people you wish to collaborate with going forward. Don't worry about those who aren't in alignment with your values and bigger dreams. You don't have time for that anymore.

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Monday 13, July

The stars are asking you to be patient and wait for a better opportunity before getting angry or upset. By later in the day the energies will settle down quite a bit and any power struggles should diminish. In the meantime, focus on what is working and not what is upsetting you so much. Think win-win solutions for the best results.

Sunday 12, July

Mercury Retrograde finally ends in your own stars today, Cancer. It's always more intense when it hits your own sign, and you've been dealing with this strange slowdown since the middle of June. In even better news, an issue that's confused you since the end of April or beginning of May could now become totally clear.

Saturday 11, July

With the Moon hovering in your career zone, Chiron, better known as the 'Wounded Healer' of the zodiac, retrogrades in the same spot. This brings deepened awareness and gentle progress to your professional self-worth over the next few months. If there is any area where you're still unsure of yourself - this will help you feel like a boss again.

Friday 10, July

The Moon and Sun in your sign are in a gorgeous trine formation, making this a very fine Friday. And with lunar energy still in Pisces, your sister water sign, your mind is expanding at an exponential rate. You're picking up all the ideas and all the vibes, Cancer - even some that you may not have expected.

Thursday 09, July

The Moon is in your sweet sister water sign, so everything should feel a lot better today than it has in a while. With lunar energy gliding through magical Pisces while trining the Sun and Mercury, you might as well be floating on a pink marshmallow cloud, Cancer.

Wednesday 08, July

Mars is squaring Mercury in your stars. Because the communication planet is still retrograde, the day-to-day wonkiness is up about a thousand notches at the moment. Even the calmest conversation can suddenly spiral into a pitched battle. Don't let your ego get involved, Cancer - and avoid all conflict if you can.

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