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Friday 03, April

The planet of love and beauty slips into your dream zone today, and she'll stimulate your psyche for the next few months. Yes, you'll have an extra-long visit from Venus in this region of your chart thanks to an upcoming retrograde. Dive deep within and let your fantasies go wild.

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Thursday 02, April

The Moon leaves your stars and this afternoon and dives into Leo, highlighting your financial zone for the next few days. If you've been concerned or anxious about your money situation in recent days, this is a really good time to crunch the numbers, figure out what you need - and procure it.

Wednesday 01, April

The Moon is in your very own stars as the month begins, and that's the kind of positive omen you definitely want to rock your April. You're the star of stars right now, so banish any shyness and show off on social media. It's time for the world to see how amazing you are, Cancer.

Tuesday 31, March

Aggressive Mars and super serious Saturn are conjunct today, and it's not a very pleasant feeling for most, Cancer. It's one of those aspects that's better to simply ride out with lots of self-care, rather than trying to pack your schedule with tasks. Just be really nice to yourself (and others) and this too shall pass.

Monday 30, March

Today Mars, the planet of action, moves out of Capricorn, your opposite sign, and into your house of sex and transformation for the next six weeks. This brings intense interest in emotional intimacy, Cancer. You were born with that but now it's about to get fierce, so connect as deeply as you can.

Sunday 29, March

Don't get caught up in worries and let your imagination get the best of you, Cancer. Things are definitely not quite what they seem under the current stars. Let the confusion pass before making any emotional judgments. It's easy to fall into worst-case-scenario thinking when your mind runs away with itself.

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