Canary air monitor 'drops dead' when air quality turns bad

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Canairi/Cover Images

Designers have created a bird-shaped air monitor that 'drops dead' off its perch if high levels of CO2 are detected.

Canairi is an award-winning fresh air monitor that uses a combination of narrative and technology to monitor indoor air quality and encourage people to ventilate their homes.

Launched on Kickstarter by co-founders Andreas Sørensen and Hans Augustenborg, it is stripped from unpleasant sensors, blinking lights, ringing alarms, and harmful blue rays from screens.

Instead, the monitor is equipped with a simple and intuitive storytelling language that both children and adults can instinctively understand.

Users are encouraged to open windows to air out the room they're in once the canary makes its dramatic performance, and when detected CO2 levels fall below 1,000 PPM again, the bird miraculously regains consciousness (or comes back to life) and returns to standing atop its perch.

On their source of inspiration, the co-founders commented: "Back in the day, mineworkers would bring a canary with them in the coal mine to detect toxic gasses. When the bird fainted, it was time to get out.

"With a built-in CO2-sensor, Canairi works exactly the same way - but in your home. When the air quality is poor, the bird will drop until you open your windows and bring it back to life."

Canairi is made of recycled plastic and comes with a wall-mount and a rechargeable battery that lasts three months before requiring a USB charge.

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