Canal+ Group’s SPI International and Thema America Launching 10 New Thematic Channels in Latin America (EXCLUSIVE)

Latin America is about to get an array of new thematic channels, thanks to a strategic partnership between Canal+ Group’s Thema America and SPI Int’l.

SPI Int’l’s popular channels FunBox UHD, FilmBox Arthouse, Gametoon, FightBox, DocuBox, Fast&FunBox, FashionBox, Erox, Eroxxx, and 360TuneBox, will be distributed across the region via Thema America, which will represent and distribute the channels.

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The agreement is a key part of Canal+’s global expansion strategy, following their acquisition of SPI International last year.

Said Carlos Fernandez, CEO of Thema America: “Joining the forces of such a strong sister company to Canal+, which has 25 years of experience in the international distribution of film and television content, will allow us to expand our business and strengthen our brand presence, while we expand our television entertainment offering to a market of some 600 million viewers in this region.”

“We are excited to deepen our collaboration with Thema’s seasoned team, expanding from the Asia Pacific to Latin America, introducing a curated catalogue of channels tailored for diverse tastes to new audiences. This strategic partnership with another Canal+ company, opens up exciting new horizons to broaden the reach of our content in the region,” said Murat Muratoglu, head of distribution at SPI International.

The new channels come at a time when pay TV has been experiencing a declining trend worldwide since 2010, according to Statista.  “Latin America is on the same path as the rest of the world, with forecasts showing a decline in the number of pay TV subscribers in Latin America in the 2020s,” it reported, pointing to Mexico, Brazil and Colombia as the largest pay TV markets in Latin America. However, Fast Channels, free ad-supported TV services, are burgeoning in the region, as they are globally. “Projections suggest that, by 2028, Brazil will generate a little over 400 million dollars in FAST revenue,” Statista reported.

SPI’s diverse portfolio includes FilmBox Arthouse, an ad-free channel that focuses on classic and top-rated contemporary arthouse movies. It showcases a host of iconic films from around the world, featuring works of renowned directors Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Fellini, and more.

Gametoon, a channel aimed at gamers, is widely popular, with about 70% of its content being exclusive. It provides gaming news, valuable tips, and tricks from well-known gamers and YouTubers. Additionally, the channel covers important tournaments and offers programs suitable for players of all ages. It boasts a social media following of over a million fans.

FightBox is their go-to channel for fighting events, offering around 1,000 hours of programming. It delivers exclusive content, live events, and weekly shows covering approximately 30 combat disciplines, including MMA, boxing, wrestling, karate, kickboxing, taekwondo, capoeira, judo, and jiu-jitsu.

Meanwhile, Fast&FunBox is dedicated to the thrill of car racing, motocross, watercross, and extreme sports like base jumping and skydiving. Winter sports enthusiasts, including skateboarding and snowboarding lovers, can experience the excitement of world championships from the comfort of home.

DocuBox, as the name suggests, is a documentary channel focusing on nature, wildlife, culture, historical figures, travel, science, and the environment.

For fashionistas, FashionBox explores the latest trends and provides tips on beauty, makeup, and fashion. The channel showcases exclusive broadcasts from the most stylish catwalks and exclusive fashion boutiques.

FunBox UHD, an ultra-HD channel features content on nature, travel, lifestyle, performing arts, music, and movies.

Thema America’s partnership with SPI International also involves representing and distributing adult-themed channels, Erox HD and Eroxxx HD, bearing in mind local regulations set in place to safeguard young audiences.

Additionally, for music enthusiasts, 360TuneBox offers a channel organizing music content by genre, showcasing independent creations by outstanding artists

Thema America’s portfolio includes, among others: Kanal D Drama in association with Kanal D International; MEZZO Live HD; a channel of the Canal+ group; serving Hispanic communities in the U.S., Mexico’s leading channels, Once Mexico and Canal 22 Internacional; and the Dominican channel Telemicro International, among others. A leader in the distribution of thematic and multicultural content across all platforms for MVPD (multichannel distributor of video programming), it has a diverse portfolio of more than 180 channels worldwide.

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