Canadian TikToker Alicia Mccarvell gets real about finding value in relationships

Alicia Mccarvell spoke candidly about beauty standards on TikTok. (Photo via instagram/aliciamccarvell)
Alicia Mccarvell spoke candidly about relationships on Instagram. (Photo via instagram/aliciamccarvell)

Alicia Mccarvell isn't letting online haters ruin her day.

On Sunday, the Canadian TikTok star took to Instagram to call out someone who left a mean comment on one of her videos.

In the post, the self love advocate explained that the words "they all wanna steal your man" were left on a clip of her and her friends enjoying a night out.

The content creator wasted no time having "a quick conversation about these types of comments."

"The fact that there are people out there who sincerely want to create mistrust in other people’s relationships absolutely boggles my mind," she said to her 907,000 followers.

Mccarvell revealed that she often receives comments from strangers trying to "insert mistrust in [her] relationship with [her] husband," or encouraging her to check his phone to make sure he's being faithful.

Although the Halifax-based influencer has learned to not let these comments bother her, it wasn't always this way.

"When I was struggling seeing value in who I was I did all of these things. I felt like I needed to check my husband’s phone. I felt like I needed to second guess any relationship he had with a female. I felt like he was cheating on me, because there was no possible way that he could be faithful to me in this body," she explained.

Although the social media star is "not that person anymore," and has learned to see the value she adds to her relationship, she acknowledges that others might not be in the same frame of mind.

"Comments like these truly bother me. Because although they do not impact me, I do understand that this type of comment on somebody who is struggling with who they are or the value they add to the world can be super detrimental to not only their mental health, but the success of their relationship," she said.

In the caption, Mccarvell penned a motivational message about value and how it can "put a strain on your relationships" if you don't see your self-worth.

"...There are people out there still struggling, and comments like these would have sent me in a spiral in the past. Comments like these could add stress onto relationships that are already struggling — why would you ever want to cause harm like that?" she asked. "I’m so sorry that people like this exist in this world, but I need you to know that they know nothing about you, your relationship and the value you add to this world."

The influencer concluded with advice on what you can do if you're struggling in your relationship.

"If you’re struggling to see why your partner loves you, I highly suggest asking them. Sit down, open mind, ready to accept compliments, and heck write them down," she suggested. "How we see ourselves is often not how others see us, and it’s unfair for us to project how we feel onto our partners...You’re valuable."

In the comments, fans thanked Mccarvell for her "inspiring" message and "infectious" energy.

You are a queen! I wanna be your friend so bad. Your energy and light is so infectious. Thanks for being an inspiration to not only women everywhere, but people in general. You’re beautiful inside and out!" commented a follower.

"I absolutely love this video. Love love love it. Perfectly said and beautifully delivered," shared someone else.

"So much love for you and this well spoken and well thought out video. You are magic," added another.

"Thank you for inspiring people who are struggling with trust and love. Really needed to hear this," wrote a fan.

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