Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen praises hospital staff after 'long day' in ER with daughter

Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen is showing her appreciation for hospital staff who took care of her baby daughter. (Photo via @kelseymcewen on Instagram)
Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen is showing her appreciation for hospital staff who took care of her baby daughter. (Photo via @kelseymcewen on Instagram)

Kelsey McEwen is thanking hospital staff after spending a "long day" in the emergency room with her one-year-old child.

On Wednesday, the Canadian meteorologist for CTV's "Your Morning" shared a message on her Instagram Story, showing gratitude for the "excellent" emergency room hospital staff who were able to treat her daughter Charlotte's ear infection.

"After a long day in the ER, baby girl is finally on the mend," McEwen penned alongside a masked hospital selfie, holding her little one. "Severe ear infection, likely ruptured eardrum. Missed by four doctors at walk-in clinics, but my mama heart knew something was wrong and I kept pushing for answers."

"She slept well last night for the first time in a week," McEwen continued. "Thankful for the excellent hospital staff who, despite the long wait, treated everyone with kindness and compassion. You are my heroes."

McEwen shared an additional update, sharing that Charlotte is doing much better after her hospital visit.

"This is 10 times perkier than she was yesterday," McEwen wrote alongside a video of her daughter. "Honestly, I could cry. She was not herself yesterday at all."

The mom-of-three has always been transparent on social media about her motherhood journey. Back in January, the broadcaster shared an emotional message on Instagram, admitting that she had been feeling "lost" since welcoming her youngest child, Charlotte, in May.

McEwen told her more than 23,000 Instagram followers in a since-deleted post that she has been struggling to raise three small children during another COVID lockdown to find time "to be me," and that she was feeling envious of other people's seemingly "perfect" lives on social media.

"I’m having a hard time with social media these days. Not because of trolls or critics. But honestly? Because of the envy I feel. Everyone’s highlight reels just look so shiny. And happy. And perfect," she captioned a makeup-free selfie, in which she is holding her eight-month-old baby.

McEwen explained that seeing other moms on social media who look like they live "balanced" lives began to affect her. Aside from a lack of time for herself, McEwen admitted that she misses who she is outside of motherhood.

"I miss me. I do. I miss me, a lot. I know I’ll get back to me soon, and this isn’t forever, but sometimes it’s hard to see past the sleepless nights and the nursing bras and remote school and lockdowns and the lack of showers or alone time or grownup conversations," she penned, adding that she recalled feeling the same way with each of her older children after the "newborn haze" faded.

"Deep down, I know my highlight reel might look different, but it’s happy," she added. "It’s perfect. It’s shiny (even if that shine is baby vomit or greasy hair). I guess I just needed to say that out loud today. I’m a great mom. But I’m also more. I’m a great ‘me’ too."

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