Canada's Wonderland mayhem: York police relaunches Operation Beehave, makes police 'highly visible' after chaotic opening weekend

Officials are taking action after arguments, packed grounds and high tempers led to arrest at the popular amusement park

Canada's Wonderland mayhem: York police relaunches Operation Beehave, makes police 'highly visible' after chaotic opening weekend

The York Regional Police is relaunching Operation Beehave - an attempt to amp up police presence in targeted areas - after several arrests caused by teen fights at Canada’s Wonderland.

“York Regional Police is increasing our presence and enforcement efforts to combat incidents of mischief, threats and unruly behaviour occurring in the City of Vaughan with the re-launch of Operation Beehave,” stated in their press release. “Officers responded to several calls for service last weekend in the area of Jane Street and Norwood Avenue and on the grounds of Canada’s Wonderland. While no charges resulted, several guests were escorted from the park by police.”

Last weekend, Canada’s Wonderland finally opened its doors for the summer. However, it was tainted by the number of guests arrested and kicked out for “unruly behaviour and altercations,” Wonderland Director of Communications, Grace Peacock told Yahoo News Canada.

Online, guests shared the built-up chaos — Crowded lines packed like sardines, heated arguments, public fights, and police officers swarming the grounds.

"Park security and on-site York Region Police officers responded quickly and appropriately, and several arrests were made. We have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour as the safety of our guests and associates is always our top priority," said Peacock. “We have enhanced our security and police presence, we are continually reviewing protocols and will take necessary action in order to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for our guests.

“Operation Beehave will continue through this summer as needed,” warns the police station. “Criminal charges will be laid when warranted."

According to York Regional Police Sergent, Clint Whitney, Operation Beehave in the City of Vaughan will have officers prioritizing patrols in that area in police cars, bicycles, and on foot.

“Some officers will be highly visible and some less so. There will be frontline officers; youth engagement officers; community-oriented response officers; even some detectives from our criminal investigations bureau,” he told Yahoo News Canada.

Sergeant Whitney says it’s not all about enforcement. The on-site officers will “find opportunities to engage with people, especially youth, and will listen to them, talk with them, and help everyone feel safe in this vibrant area of Vaughan.”