Canada Goose’s Executive Leadership Team Hits the Sales Floor

For the holidays, Canada Goose’s 15-member executive leadership team will take on new roles as retail brand ambassadors across its global fleet of stores in North America, Europe and Asia. The purpose of the initiative is twofold: to connect with customers and teams and to unlock opportunity in its growing retail network.

Starting on Black Friday, each leader will take on a specific role that aligns to the brand’s approach to guest experience, called Canadian Warmth. It’s an 11-step journey that Canada Goose describes as “warmth in every interaction, expertise behind every recommendation.”

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Among the leadership team are Canada Goose chief executive officer, chief financial officer, president, chief marketing and experience officer, chief digital officer, chief human resources officer, general counsel, senior vice president of strategy and corporate development and regional presidents.

The team will greet guests, give store tours, consult on product and manage check out. They will staff the floor, work back-of-house, get an insider’s perspective into the daily functions of a retail store and engage in a friendly sales competition.

The leadership team will be going to stores in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.
The leadership team will be going to stores in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Learnings and corresponding actions from the program will be shared and will focus on four areas of impact: Canadian Warmth, visual merchandising, retail operations and talent rewards and recognition.

“Canada Goose has never been a conventional brand, story, experience or place to work,” said Carrie Baker, the brand’s president. “This initiative is an example of that, as we continue to set the bar for improving the in-store retail experience and achieving growth.”

Canada Goose has had some challenges lately with forecasts for a warm winter and concerns over its business in China. The company expects direct-to-consumer to account for about 70 percent of its top line for the year overall, as reported this month.

At present, Canada Goose has 62 stores. Executives will be working throughout this week, as well as the next two weeks, at stores in Canada, the U.S., EMEA and Asia.

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