'You can stay, but she can't': Mother-in-law's ultimate snub

Holly Hales
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A young woman has been left homeless after her mother-in-law attempted to separate her young family in the midst of crisis. Picture: Getty Images

A devastated mum has been left temporarily homeless after her mother-in-law attempted to separate her young family in the midst of a crisis.

The woman made the shocking admission on Reddit, telling users the pair’s differences came to a head when she, her husband and their two young sons lost everything in a house fire.

Hours after the blaze, the family were still reeling from the devastation when they decided to take shelter at her mother-in-law’s house.

“She was very sympathetic at first,” the woman wrote, before revealing “she had no problem with my husband and my sons staying, but I would have to make other arrangements.”

“In her words, I wasn’t true family and she’d never blessed our marriage in the first place, so I was not her responsibility.”

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The young family were forced to instead seek shelter at a motel, and after when the mother-in-law slowly began inviting the family over intermittently, her behaviour became even more bizarre.

“When she began calling and inviting us over to stay again, she said that she’d graciously permit me to stay in the garage for a few days,” the woman wrote.

“Again, we didn’t take her up on the offer and my husband told her that she was being very disrespectful.

“My mother-in-law got very angry in response and said that we were spitting on her generosity. She then offered to keep the boys so that they wouldn’t need to stay in a motel while we put our lives back in order.”

The couple tried to seek refuge with their mother-in-law but it came with conditions. Picture: Getty Images

The young family have since cut off all contact and refuse to provide the mother-in-law with their new address.

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While we were only privy to one side of the story, Reddit users were quick to back the woman’s stance.

“She treats you like you’re the family dog…more like a stray dog,” wrote one user.

“And even then I wouldn’t even leave a dog I found wandering the neighbourhood in my garage.”

Another noted how the garage exile could actually be unlawful as the space was not renovated.

Others went a step further, informing users of resources they can access in the event of a house fire, in a bid to avoid anyone else ending up in a similar situation.

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