You can now buy pre-destroyed trainers for more than a month's rent

Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker, White/Yellow
They have ‘heavy distressing’ according to the item’s description [Photo: A Ma Maniere]

First, it was a pair of jeans with fake mud for $425 (£330).

And now, you can buy pre-destroyed trainers for a whopping £1,170. Not just slightly ‘pre-loved’ trainers, either, but ones that look as if they’ve been taken through a blender.

The creation of luxury department store Neiman Marcus, the Italian-made ‘Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker’ feature what the shop calls “heavy distressing”.

The Belgian designer behind the label, Maison Margiela, is described as “pioneer of avant-garde fashion, working with other deconstructionist designers during the 1980s to redefine luxury under radical new terms,” on the shoes’ shopping page.

Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker, White/Yellow
How do they stay on your feet? [Photo: A Ma Maniere]

They’re not unlike Golden Goose’s Distressed Superstar Sneakers which sold for £450 last summer, which some accused of “poverty appropriation” – basically mocking the poor, including one Twitter user suggesting they were for “rich jerks [that] spend whatever to appear down to earth/working class”.

Whether they’re insulting anyone or not, Neiman Marcus’ pair are certainly an acquired taste.

We can probably make do with our Reebok Classics, thanks, but if you do want a pair they’re available in men’s sizes nine and 9.5.

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