Camille Kostek Shares Inspiration for Creating a Consistent Workout Routine

Camille Kostek.<p>Ethan Miller - Formula 1/Getty Images</p>
Camille Kostek.

Ethan Miller - Formula 1/Getty Images

January is often a time for focusing on fitness-related goals, and model and TV personality Camille Kostek recently offered her advice for maintaining consistency.

In an Instagram story on Tuesday, the 31-year-old Connecticut native noted that she will “always and forever be” a morning workout person. “I’m not saying it’s easy to get up early and move your body first thing,” she wrote. “But I have NEVER regretted how it makes my mind and body feel. It gives me energy and focus for the rest of my day.”

The six-time SI Swimsuit model, who also works as a television host and actress, then offered some inspiration to fellow busy women who hope to incorporate regular movement into their own routines.

“I share this because if you’re lacking motivation, low on energy through the day, or don’t know how or where to start ... let this be my sign to you that you can do it,” she added. “Get out of your own way, and know that everyday is a chance to do something to better yourself.”

Kostek then opened up by sharing that she’s been in the position of feeling daunted by exercise in the past, and offered some encouraging words.

“I’ve been stuck at times and I know how it feels to be intimidated to sign up for a new class, or find the motivation to get movement ... but I promise you your body and mind are more powerful than you may allow,” she concluded.

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