Camilla Luddington paranoid about health troubles thanks to Grey's Anatomy role

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Playing a doctor on Grey's Anatomy has made actress Camilla Luddington paranoid about her health.

The mum-of-two, who plays Dr. Jo Wilson on the hit series, might not be quite as medically savvy as her character, but she has amassed a wealth of information since joining the show in 2012 - not all of it helpful.

"We are super paranoid (about medical issues)," the British-born star told Live with Kelly and Ryan. "We know every way you can die and it's worse when you're pregnant because if you're pregnant (while starring) on our show, something will go wrong.

"You can’t just have, like, a normal pregnancy, so me, pregnant, I was like, 'I know everything that could happen', so that's when it gets really stressful, and then being in a pandemic, pregnant (sic)..."

Camilla and her husband, Matthew Alan, welcomed their second child, Lucas, safely into the world in August last year. The baby boy joined big sister Hayden, three.

And now mum can go back to obsessing about her own ailments while she's in medical mode at work.

"What’s helpful on our set is our executive producers are doctors, so a lot of times I'll be like, 'Hey does this mole look OK?'" she quips.