Camila Cabello just cut her hair short for winter and it’s inspiring us to get a chop

Regular readers might have noticed by now, but it doesn't take a lot to inspire us gals on the Cosmo beauty team to want to cut/dye/shave our hair. But we just can't get enough of the wonders of a good hair transformation; it's all the drama Mick, I just love it!*

Providing us with our daily dose of dramatic hair switch-ups this afternoon is Camila Cabello, who has chopped off her shaggy wolf haircut and long layers.

Yep, the star has done a 180, cutting her hair into a super cute blunt bob with 60s-style flicks – and it's so perfect for the holiday season. Just look at the styling that so perfectly matches the hair's essence: the chunky cable knit cardigan, the pearls, the tartan kilt. Festive goals.

Going straight on the 'nice list' is hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, whose scissors we have to thank for the new hairdo. Styled with a sweeping side fringe and half-up topknot, the retro babydoll look is such a change from the tousled beach-y shag Camila was sporting just three days ago.

The star is calling the new look; "bitchy preppy. beppy ☕️" We're not sure that will catch on... but we're here for the creativity.

*If you didn't get this reference, it's time for a festive Gavin and Stacey marathon for you, my friend.

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