Camila Cabello addresses rumours her Met Gala ice purse cost £25,000

Camila Cabello has addressed the rumours that her Met Gala purse – made out of a block of ice – cost £25,000.

While appearing on the Tonight With Jimmy Fallon show, the “I Luv It” singer, 27, said she was amused that some fans had created the rumour that the purse came with a heavy price tag.

“Guys, it’s water, frozen!” she joked. “You can make it at home! It’s how ever much water cost plus a rose that we got from Etsy.”

Cabello then admitted she didn’t think about “how ice melts quickly” when the purse broke while she was queuing to get into the star-studded fashion event last month.

The ice clutch, made out of a copper rose frozen inside a block of ice, was custom made by Jane Wade to fit the dress code and theme for 2024’s event: “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion”.

The singer recalled taking the purse out of the freezer moments before attending the Met Gala, but had a “nightmare” situation when the ice started melting and the strap broke – and none of her team were allowed in the queue to help her.

Camila Cabello tells Jimmy Fallon about her purse mishap (NBC)
Camila Cabello tells Jimmy Fallon about her purse mishap (NBC)

“I didn’t think about how ice very quickly melts, and so, I get [to the Met Gala] and it’s my worst nightmare situation, where suddenly, the clutch breaks, and I think Ed Sheeran was there telling a joke or something, and somebody accidentally knocked it,” she recalled.

The singer, who rose to fame through the pop group Fifth Harmony, said she was surrounded by A-listers like Emma Chamberlain and Gaia Gerber, who turned around and gasped when they saw the strap snap off the purse.

The singer was forced to hold the frozen purse, sans handle, like a clutch bag instead, but ended up with a very cold and wet arm.

Fallon, looking at pictures of Cabello on the red carpet after the purse incident, said through laughter: “You’re glamorously holding a block of ice, you don’t even look freezing!”

Cabello’s melting ice clutch (Getty Images)
Cabello’s melting ice clutch (Getty Images)

Cabello said she was “so done” by that point.

In video clips taken at the fashion event, Cabello appeared distressed when she showed a reporter her frozen and wet hand, and explained that the purse had broken while queuing to get her picture taken.

The Met Gala is infamous for making celebrities wait several hours to enter the Metropolitan Museum, where the annual fashion event takes place.

Cabello posing with her ice clutch at the Met Gala (Getty Images for The Met Museum/)
Cabello posing with her ice clutch at the Met Gala (Getty Images for The Met Museum/)

After the event, Cabello poked fun at the fashion mishap, sharing a picture of herself holding the bag on social media, writing: “Brrrr”.

“I feel like it is impermanence and things decaying over time and the beauty in that,” she told Extra about her look.