Camila Cabello Addresses James Corden Flashmob Amid Backlash

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Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter

Social media users were not happy with James Corden, Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel, aka the cast of Cinderella, after they started a flashmob through the streets of LA. Now Camila, who plays Cinderella in the remake, has spoken out.

As part of The Late Late Show, James and his Cinderella co-stars took part in a segment called 'Crosswalk The Musical', where they stopped traffic at an intersection of a road to perform a song.

While some fans were all over the moment, others have criticised the cast for not considering the fact some of the drivers might have been in a rush or felt unsafe.

One Twitter user wrote, "When James Corden and Camila Cabello block traffic, but you’re running late to work," while another put, "I'm legitimately asking: why did James corden do that?"

A third said, "What the hell is going on?"

Now, Camila has responded to the flash mob stunt amid the backlash, insisting she had "fun", and adding that it wasn't actually that disruptive to traffic.

"It was really fun!" the 24-year-old told Pedestrian. "It was us and Billy Porter and James Corden, and we basically did it during the red lights. Yeah, it was fun."

Idina, 50, added that while the performance *was* a bit of a health hazard, it wasn't for the reason you might think. "It was really hot. I burned myself getting up on the car. The metal [of the car] was very hot."

Whether you liked it or not, the video will probably be on The Late Late Show's YouTube channel in no time.

SIGN UP Cinderella will be released on Amazon Prime Video on September 3, 2021.

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