Camila Cabello’s new 00s layered haircut is giving us major secondary school flashbacks

It's official: Camila Cabello just rocked our favourite hairstyle. To date. Bold statement, I know but what can I say, I utter nothing but facts... *Spoiler* it's a look that I can guarantee most millennials, baby boomers and even us Gen Z'ers (hello, hi) sported at one point during the iconic noughties era. And no, it's not butterfly clips but instead, 'scene'-like choppy layers and a side swooping fringe. Cue the collective nostalgia.

But before I get to Camila's picture reveal that was shared on Instagram by her hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos (warning: you will do a double take, thinking this is, in fact, *that* framed photo of you on the mantelpiece from 2005), let's reminisce on the time's trend.

Back in the day (think peak MySpace-meets-MSN era), it was the in-thing to wear your locks in a side part, swopping over your eyes and face. Now, IDK about you but just thinking about that time is bringing back all of the 'it's not a phase, it's a lifestyle, mom' feels.

Though, having said that, Camila and Dimitris have put a chic modern and refined twist on the classic look. See below:

I mean, the feathered layers that have been styled inward are just *chef's kiss*. Not to mention the accompanying flushed face and feathery-eyed glam look by MUA, Patrick Ta.

Side note: This 'do also reminds us of Emily Ratajkowski's most recent hair look, where she, too, went for the side fringe cut. I guess Camilla's not the only one looking to the noughties for hairspo!

Not only do we love the look but friends and fans of the star took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts on her new cut:

"This cut 😍🔥"

"So good"


"This hairstyle and the one sided bangs fits her the most, I hope you will do it again for her in the future ❤️beautiful work👏❤️❤️"

"this sides swept bang fits her the most 😍😍💯"


"I had this hair cut in 2004 when Jennifer Aniston had it during season 10!"

As the latter reminds me, I think it's safe to say that Rachel Green circa 2004 would be proud.

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