Cameron Diaz reveals secrets to looking fabulous at 49

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Cameron Diaz has given up wearing make-up credit:Bang Showbiz
Cameron Diaz has given up wearing make-up credit:Bang Showbiz

Cameron Diaz has lifted the lid on looking good as she approaches her 50th birthday.

The Hollywood actress has taken a step back from acting in recent years to focus on raising her young daughter, and she's admitted it's given her time to focus on living well.

In an interview with Goop, Cameron reveals she's stopped wearing make-up and it's been hugely beneficial for her skin after suffering years of breakouts.

She said: "I’ve been wearing make-up every day for most of my life, because of work, and it was really depleting to my skin. I always had a breakout. And since I stopped wearing a lot of it, in my 40s - obviously I’m older, too, but I was getting breakouts well into my 40s - I like my skin much better."

She credits one of Goop's products - the Microderb Scrub - with helping but she admits she doesn't even cleanse her face in the mornings.

Cameron added: "I’m so into the goop glow. I just love the Microderm scrub - it feels so good and really makes a difference in my skin. I have a face oil, and a retinol from Versed, and that’s about it.

"When I get up in the morning, I run my skin under the water in the shower - I don’t even use a cleanser in the mornings."

Despite rarely ever wearing make-up these days, there are certain products she still loves using, adding: "After the years of having to wear it, I love make-up as a fun little touch. Merit makes absolutely beautiful things, like my favourite lipstick, their Signature Lip in Cabo, which is just bright and light and effortless. And Gucci Westman’s highlight is so pretty, and her lip palettes are amazing, in every shade."

Cameron also praised the benefits of intermittent fasting which helps her feel good, saying: "It’s worth it - it helps you stay mindful about what you’re putting in your body. We all start off in a great place, but it’s easy to end up getting further and further away from the place that’s your optimum.

"I’m the mother of a two-year-old, so we’re both having a little of this and a little of that, and do I need to be snacking as much as she is all day? Doing a little reset kind of brings you back. It helps you be more present in the moment, staying aware of what you’re saying and what you’re doing."

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