Cameron Crowe confirms Jimmy Fallon will reprise Almost Famous role on stage

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Cameron Crowe has confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will occasionally appear in the Broadway adaptation of his Almost Famous movie.

The director invited Jimmy, who played rock band manager Dennis Hope in the 2000 movie, to occasionally reprise the role during an appearance on Jimmy's talk show earlier this week and the comedian replied, "I'm in! I would absolutely."

Cameron later told Deadline that Jimmy is set to "drop by" the Almost Famous production sometimes to play the role, which is usually portrayed by Jakeim Hart on stage.

"In the spirit of the musical and the cast being our 'band,' we love the idea of our favourites and future favourites dropping in to 'jam,'" Cameron, who wrote the musical, said in a statement. "The whole thing began with Jimmy - as the link between the two (film and musical) casts."

He also revealed that MSNBC journalist John Heilemann has expressed interest in dropping by for performances in the role of David Felton, who was played by Rainn Wilson in the movie. The character is usually played by Van Hughes on stage.

Almost Famous, loosely based on Cameron's life, tells the story of a teenage journalist writing for Rolling Stone magazine in the early 1970s. The stage musical is set to debut at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre on Thursday night.