Calling All Sweet-Toothed Gin Lovers! Sherbet Gin Exists, And It Looks Insane

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If there's one thing we love more than flavoured gin, it's shimmery flavoured gin. You know, the type that glistens once shaken and makes you feel extra as hell.

Now that's what you call a fancy bottle of gin.

So once we discovered Sherbet Gin Liqueur was a thing (it's shimmery and flavoured), we just had to let you guys know.

Available in 50cl bottles with a 20% ABV, these nostalgic-looking liqueurs come in three incredible flavours: lemon, raspberry and orange.

If you consider yourself a sweet-toothed gin lover, we'd recommend getting yourself a bottle ASAP.

The Sherbet Gin Liqueurs are available to buy online via Firebox, Amazon and Master of Malt, from between £14.95 and £19.99.

More of a rum-type? Asda's all-new Cocktail Spirits feature Passion Fruit Vodka, Mojito Rum and Strawberry Daiquiri Rum, and they're as good as they sound.

Each spirit comes in 70cl bottles and has a 40% ABV.

Photo credit: Asda
Photo credit: Asda

Marion Muir, Spirits Product Manager at ASDA, said: “If summer holidays are off the menu this year, then ASDA will bring the taste of your holiday into your back garden. Cocktails and sunshine are the perfect summer combination and these new pre-mixed cocktails are the ideal addition to any summer get-together - and at only £18 for 14 serves – they are also great value for money”.

Asda's Cocktail Spirits will set you back just £18 a bottle, and will then be reduced to £16 during the supermarket's summer event which launches at the end of June.

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