Call the Midwife star shares update on Nancy and Lucille’s future

Call the Midwife star shares update on Nancy and Lucille’s future

Call the Midwife series 12 came to an end over the weekend, with the good news that Nonnatus House has been saved thanks to Matthew, who also tied the knot with Trixie – although the ceremony was not exactly smooth sailing.

Looking ahead to the future, there's a few question marks hanging around, specifically regarding whether certain characters would return or not.

In an exclusive and lengthy interview with publication Digital Spy, Matthew actor Olly Rix was asked what he knew about creator Heidi Thomas' plans for Nancy and Lucille.

megan cusack as nurse nancy corrigan, call the midwife season 11

"I don’t know that I’m qualified to say. I suspect you might be pleasantly surprised, but I cannot deny nor confirm the rumours," he said when asked about if Nancy (Megan Cusack) would stay or take up the job opportunity she had been considering elsewhere.

"She’s obviously a fan favourite. I think a lot of people would be very upset to see her go."

Speaking about the possibility of a return for Lucille (played by Leonie Elliott), who wasn't at the wedding with her husband Cyril, Rix said: "Again, I mean, that’s kind of above my pay grade.

call the midwife star leonie elliott as nurse lucille anderson

"I don’t know what Heidi and the other producers have planned. I think they left this story in a pretty open-ended manner.

"She’s obviously deeply affected by what she was experiencing in the UK, and that has affected her to the point where she literally needs to take herself out of that world entirely and go somewhere else. And that also means leaving her husband in that world. And that’s a huge thing.

"But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s final.

"I don’t know. I read it as, it’s quite open-ended. But I have no idea what Leonie has planned, or what Heidi has planned, or any of it."

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that the show will continue for at least three more series.

Call the Midwife streams on BBC iPlayer.

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