Call the Midwife star responds to fans' reaction to his 'departure'

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Call the Midwife fans got emotional last night (May 30) as they waved goodbye to little Timothy Turner who has now become a grown man and is headed to university to become a doctor.

Max Macmillan was first introduced as Dr Turner's (Stephen McGann) mischievous, though kind-hearted, son Timothy in the 2012 Christmas Special.

In the most recent episode, Sunday's season 10 finale, his character – now 19 – announced his departure for Edinburgh as he prepared to study medicine and follow into his father's footsteps.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Miss Higgins (Georgie Glen) handed Timothy her beloved pen as a goodbye and good luck gift, which had fans tearing up while watching at home.

"Oh the absolute mother hen pride I felt at seeing baby Timothy Turner in his medical coat," said one fan on Twitter with a second person adding: "I was proper blubbering as Timothy Turner put on his white doctor’s coat. We’ve all watched Timothy (and the actor who plays him) grow up and mature before our very eyes. I hope it's not the last we'll see of him."

Another viewer also commented: "Not even 10 minutes in and i'm higgins gave timothy her pen and that's so cute," while many others also called for Timothy to eventually return to Nonnatus House as a fully trained doctor, adding that it would be the perfect way to end the show.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Max has since taken to Twitter himself to express his feelings over being on the show for almost 10 years: "#CallTheMidwife being 10 is surreal, but definitely not as surreal as when I’ve inevitably been in it for over half of my entire life.

"So until then I'm still cruising and totally okay with this," he added.

While it's not clear whether this is going to be the last of Timothy and Max we'll get to see on the show, fans still loved to see him grow and it's clear from the reactions that he will be dearly missed if he left the show.

Call the Midwife airs on BBC One and is available to watch on iPlayer.

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