Call the Midwife star Charlotte Ritchie is Joe’s latest fixation in Netflix’s You season four trailer - WATCH

After murdering all of his girlfriends in the US, season four of You sees Joe head over to the United Kingdom for a fresh start, and the first trailer for the upcoming show has revealed that Charlotte Ritchie’s character is in his sights.

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In the trailer, Joe is trying to start a new life in England where he becomes increasingly interested in Charlotte's character Kate, despite telling himself that he wasn't going to get involved in another romantic entanglement.

WATCH: See the new trailer for You season 4 here...

Speaking about what to expect from the new series, which will be released in two parts from 9 February, showrunner Sera Gamble told Entertainment Weekly: "Four seasons in, we need him to be reasonably self-aware but he obviously has huge blind spots. He keeps finding himself [expletive] up over and over again, so he will be working very hard to try to redeem himself this season.


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"That’s part of the fun of the season, is watching him try to be better and try to be kind of heroic in many ways."

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Charlotte, who is best known for her roles in Call the Midwife and Ghosts, opened up about joining the popular Netflix show, telling Metro: "I’m finishing the Netflix show about a serial killer, You. We’ve been doing series four and I’m part of the new cast. The show became huge in lockdown but I didn’t watch it. I watched the beginning of the first episode but I found him too creepy.


Charlotte stars in season four

"The real guy [Penn Badgley] is a nice guy. The character is reprehensible. My character is very different from what I’ve done before."

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